Kabeco has evolved from a combination of discovery, invention and collaboration. From around 25 years we are in beverage distribution and some years back the company has established its own bottling and distribution network, as time went on, flavors were added, the fan base grew and the secret of this indescribably delicious beverage became famous. Over many years and eight flavors later, Bora is still favorite. Whether you’re sipping on one at home, after a game or enjoying, there’s a Bora for everyone.

We do good things with flavor, which is about much more than just doing the right thing. It means operating responsibly, minimizing our environmental impact and having a positive influence on society.

We focus on five key areas of corporate social responsibility: environmental sustainability, health and wellness, philanthropy, workplace and ethical sourcing. We have set ambitious goals in each of these areas, and we will maintain transparency with everyone our business touches by reporting our progress annually.

The company's integrated business model enables the company to manage the entire value chain from innovation to the store shelf.

So clear some space in your fridge, it's time to Get Bora.


At Kabeco, it is our vision to make the best beverage for everyone. Our brand – BORA have been synonymous with refreshment, fun and flavor and our sales are poised to keep growing in the future.

The results of our great brand Bora is driven by the hard work of our great people. ACTION is at the heart of everything we do. Every Kabeco employee contributes to our success by taking action to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.


When people get together over a beverage, they're not simply sharing a favorite beverage. They're sharing moments, adventures, traditions, inspirations, opportunities and much more. At Kabeco, our dream is to be the Best Beverage Company.

Bringing people together for a better world. We're equally passionate about making beverage and making friendships.